Artists from Dhamar captivate audience in Sana’a [Archives:2004/777/Culture]

September 30 2004
Photo from archived article: photos/777/culture2_1
Photo from archived article: photos/777/culture2_1
Irena Knehtl
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

Yemen is a country with a diverse landscape, an unique climate, and a fascinating cultural heritage. It is rich in natural wonders with its terraced mountains and fields, scenic dunes, wadis, waterfalls and lush orchards. With each generation it lives and imbues a vigor that is exceedingly rare. Commonly known as the Dhamari group, several artists from Dhamar have created some of the most distilled images, and are famed for capturing the essence of the landscape.
Their series of paintings, exhibited last week at the House of Culture in Sana'a, shows a thorough acquaintance with their environment, and desire not to pay tribute to it. They depict landscapes and images unique, and intrinsic to their home place Dhamar. The area of Dhamar, a Governorate south of Sanaa, offers some beautiful combinations of terraced mountains, fields and plains. The main protagonists, however, are the local Yemeni people whose passages of life are celebrated through the art.
The artists – not schooled in art in the traditional sense – have absorbed and practice different artistic styles. They rely only upon a resource that is rich and ancient, which springs from their hearts, minds and highly skilled hands.
The exhibition of Dhamari artists in the House of Culture in Sana'a occurred within the framework of the festivities celebrating Sana'a – the Arab Culture Capital 2004. It was opened by His Excellency Mr. Khaled AlRoawishan, the Minister of Culture, and drew many local and foreign visitors

The Dhamari artists are:
Ali Mohammed Abdo Hamza, b. 1976, in Ans, Dhamar, holds bachelors degree in art education from University of Dhamar, teacher and writer.
AbdulRahman Mohammed AlKahida, b. 1973 in Dhamar, holds degree in social studies from Educational Institute in Dhamar.
AbdulKhaleq Mohammed Radai, b. 1974, holds bachelors degree in art education from University of Dhamar.
Abdalla Mohammed AlHamli, b. 1968, is an employee at the local government office in Dhamar.