As 70 fishermen’s cottages were destroyedSirah fishermen demand revelation of fire cause [Archives:2005/877/Local News]

September 15 2005

ADEN- Sept.9- A great fire destroyed more than 70 fishermen cottages, besides loss of other properties mounting to YR 140 millions.

Fire broke out early Friday, in the fishermen residence near Second- hand market in Sirah district in Aden.

A fisherman said that the fire destroyed all their belongings and fishing boats. He said that his personal loses reach a million Yemeni Rials. He requested the authorities to stand to their side and praised security authorities for helping them and containing the fire.

Head of the fishermen's association branch, Mohamed Salim Hadi said that they are following up and their first concern is to keep the site and help the victims, urging criminal investigation authorities to reveal the fire cause.

Mr. Hadi confirmed that they will follow up with concerned local authorities and ministry of fishery for fishermen compensation.

Sirah head of fishermen committee Mr. Abdullah said that they will form a committee from fishermen and committee members to assess fishermen loses and report to the local authorities and the Ministry of Fishery. He also confirmed that they will see to it that vvv the fishermen will stay in their place.

A follow up committee will also be formed of the representatives of the cooperative association in Aden's branch, the fishermen committee and the victims, Mr. Abdulmoeen Ghalib representative of the Ministry, said. He added that they will follow up with Criminal investigation authorities and the General Director in Sira, to assess the damages and report to the ministry and the association in order to suggest procedures to tackle the matter.

Mr. Awad Hadi, member of the executive fish cooperative association visited the site to meet the victims, evaluate damages and report to the local authorities. He said that by the time the authorities are reflecting on what measures are to be taken, they will try to find a hurried solution for the homeless.