As a Star! [Archives:2009/1225/Community]

January 15 2009

By: Enas AL_Radami [email protected]
(These lines are devoted to my dear friend Asia)

I had no time to pick up my stuff, but my friend told me to wait for her. As usual, she would blame me for leaving my heavy books for her to carry, but I didn't really mean to tire her. She was like the light coming from my heart, or like a drop of water when thirsty. Unlike me, she would endure hardships, or comments from curious individuals, and all the while she barely complained. I tried to learn a little patience from her, but I found it difficult to achieve what was not in my mind! Once I asked her, hesitantly, “Do you feel happy when being patient all the time?””

“”How can we have life without patience!?”” she replied quietly and satisfyingly