As Bizarre as Can Be JAIL DISCOVERED IN SANAA UNIVERSITY [Archives:2000/31/Front Page]

July 31 2000

Following instructions by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Hussein Mohammed Arab, Interior Minister, accompanied by Abdulwahab Al-Radhi, Capital Secretariat Security Director, Mohammed Naji Allaw, Chairman of National Authority for Defending Human Rights and Liberties (NADHRL,) Civil Society Organizations and some journalists lunched a campaign to check detention pending investigations and private jails in the Capital Secretariat. The campaign visited seven prisons during which the lack of health services, prevalence of diseases and overcrowding were what struck everybody’s eye. It resulted in the release of some of prisoners who were illegally detained. But what was the most shocking and unbelievable discovery was that of Sanaa University’s private jail, which is expected to raise a lot of debate and public concerns.
In a statement to the Yemen Times, Mohammed Naji Allaw, NADHRL chairman talked about the goal of the campaign and said “The campaign was launched to check some Detention Pending Investigations in the capital secretariat following a report issued by the NADHRL about violations of human rights in Sanaa University. The campaign also aimed at checking the way by which Law Enforcing Authorities deal with prisoners in these prisons and investigating other private jails which are considered against the effective laws. So far, we have visited some prisons and it was clear that in some prisons some pressing measures are to be taken to improve their condition. However, some other prisons are convenient and up to the standard.”
The words of Mr. Allaw say it all, “To our dismay, we came to find a private jail in Sanaa University. The private jail was a container located in the campus of the Faculty of Legislation and Law.”More on report page…