As confrontations in Sa’ada break out againAl-Houthi vows to avenge [Archives:2005/899/Front Page]

December 1 2005

SA'ADA- Nov. 29- Yahya Badraddin al-Houthi, brother of slain Hussein Badraddin al-Houthi, warned that al-Houthi supporters announced that the authorities will be responsible for any attack against foreign interests and offices in the country. He warned, for the first time, that one of the aims machinated by the authorities is implementing the plot of attacking foreign interests and offices in Yemen and then to accuse al-Houthi followers of doing so. He spoke of provocations against citizens by the army and security troops in the area and urged the authorities to abide by the reconciliation items and tackle the issue through the peaceful dialogue.

This statement was given to the Yemen Times after the bloody confrontations between the security troops and some of al- Houthi armed supporters, affiliated to the “Faithful Youth Organization” broke off again three days ago. Latest Yemen Times reports revealed that a number of army tanks attacked a hill near al-Khafaji mountain where a group of Faithful Youth entrenched last Tuesday. Following fierce clashes in the area of Qaherat al-Nass, near Suq al-Talh, a market for arms sale. Eight policemen died in the fighting, US-backed Radio Sawa reports so far. Yemen Times learned that there 3 soldiers dead and 15 wounded while 4 of Faithful Youth dead.

The confrontations started in al-Khafaji Market, 15km northwest of the city of Sa'ada at noon last Monday and continues on irregular basis. Groups from the Faithful Youth Organization entrenched on tunnels and bridges, as well as on the limits of farms surrounding the market in order to fiercely confront the security troops.

Yahya al-Houthi an independent MP, who is currently residing in Sweden, requested the Arab countries, Arab League, international community, European Union and the international organizations to intervene in the crisis and persuade the Yemeni authorities to stop their recurrent violations and military actions against aged men and innocent women and children in Sa'ada. He had warned of the resumption of war in a press release last week.

“The regime tries to create a unreal battle in the area in an attempt to show the powerful cjountries that Yemen fulfilled its promises to eliminate terrorists in the area,” an opposition leader, who asked not to be identified, said in a statement about the new crisis in Sa'ada. “The authorities should recognize others, respect the amnesty issued by President Saleh last September, free the detainees and order the military troops to return to their sites, which are far away from the area,” Yahya al-Houthi claimed.

In the same province of Sa'ada two weeks ago similar confrontations took place in Bani Muadh but were stopped without any victims.

The Faithful Youth organization was led by cleric Hussein Badraddin al-Houthi who was killed in September last year by the military troops in the north province of Sa'ada. The group's demand is that authorities have to stop hunting for al-Houthi supporters and the Faithful Youth members and compensate for the damage left by the war on the houses of locals in the area.