As Czech Newspapers and Media Organs Revealed OUR TANKS ARE COMING [Archives:2000/28/Front Page]

July 10 2000

At last, the long-awaited T-55 Main Battle Tanks bought by the Yemeni Government from the Czech Republic are arriving in Yemen, and by the time of going to the press, the tanks may have reached Yemeni shores.
The announcement of the departure of the first 30 Tanks to Yemen came from the Czech capital, Prague on Friday through the CTK news agency.
The Czech press further mentioned that the remaining 76 tanks will be delivered in September and December.
It was also mentioned that the Czech Republic sold the tanks considerably cheaply. “The liquidation of one obsolete tank would cost 67,000 crowns,” Defense Minister Vladimir Vetchy said. It was mentioned that the price in which the tanks were sold exceeded USD 40,000 for each tank. However, shipping the tanks is relatively expensive as well, since the shipping of one tank will cost more than USD 2,000.
The daily ‘Lidove Noviny’ said that “The government decided to sell hundreds of out-of-date tanks from army arsenals last September.” It also added that the transport route and other details of the contract were kept secret. The newspaper also recalled international problems which Poland faced last year because Soviet tanks T-54/55 from the Polish army were sold by Yemen to the embargoed Sudan.
According to Czech cabinet, this incident is the first of its kind, “The transport of tanks has been ensured so that any problem could be avoided,” says Adolf Vermirovsky from a military repair company which was in charge of preparing the tanks for the export.The overall features of the tanks show that they are indeed old fashioned and are suitable for use in NATO members, etc. Hence, by selling the tanks, the Czech Republic sees itself as the winner in this deal.
Below are the technical specifications,
T-55 MBT (Main Battle Tank)
Country Of Origin: Russia
Designation: Main Battle Tank
Manufacturer: Former Czechoslovakia & China
Crew: 4
Armament: 1 x 100 mm,

1 x 7.62 mm MG (coaxial),
1 x 7.6 mm (bow),
1 x 12.7 mm MG (anti-aircraft)
Ammunition:34 x 100 mm,
3,000 x 7.62 mm,
500 x 12.7 mm
Length Gun Forw.: 9 m
Length Hull:6.04 m
Width:3.27 m
Height:2.4 m (without AA MG)
Power To Weight:14.44 hp / tonne
Ground Clearance:0.425 m
Weight (Combat):36,000 kg
Weight (Empty):34,000 kg
Engine:V-12 water-cooled diesel
developing 520 hp at 2,000 rpm
Maximum Speed: 50 km / hr
Maximum Range:510 km

Maximum Road
Range- (Aux.):720 km
Fuel Capacity:812 lit
Fording:1.4 m
Fording W/ Prep.:5.0 m
Vertical Obstacle:0.8 m
Trench:2.7 m
Gradient:60 %
Side Slope:40 %
Armour:203 mm (maximum)
Armour Type:Steel
NBC System:Yes
Night Vision:Yes (Infra-red for commander, gunner & driver)