As for Omar’s caseOther 12 people involved [Archives:2003/648/Front Page]

July 7 2003

SANA'A_ A petition was filed by assassinated YSP's assistant secretary general Jarallah Omar's family at the latest court session, demanding the court to issue death penalty against 12 people involved in the assassination of Omar last December.
Perpetrator of killing of the three American doctors in Jibla, last January Abed Abdurazaq Kamel is the second perpetrator after Omar's killer Ali Jarallah.
The petition made clear that investigations had confirmed that 12 people were involved in complicity and wickedness, and that killing Omar was carried out in a premeditated way.
The killer of the US doctors in Jibla admitted to political security prison officials of his complicity in crime along with other people. He said he and other accomplices had formed an assassination cell at al-Eman university composed of persons ready to commit assassinations. But this was denied by other defendants.
Many YSP leaders accuse some 35 elements of offering financial support to the killer of Jaralla Omar.
in its session on 29 June the North Sana'a Court postponed considering the case to the 6th of July 2003. Defendant Ali Jarrallah demanded at the beginning of the 29 June court session to be given a last opportunity in order to complete pleadings.
The lawyers of other defendants rejected referring the case to the public prosecution, describing such a move as violating rules of order and demanded their immediate release as they said the law suit was lacking legal proof. The lawyers excluded defendants Ali Ahmed Jarallah and Abed Abdurazaq al-Kamel from their release demand.