As his health deteriorates, NGOs calls for the release of Lu’ai Al-Muayyad [Archives:2008/1180/Local News]

August 11 2008

Jamal Al-Najjar
SANA'A, Aug 7) Thirty local and international human rights organizations sent a message last Thursday to President Ali Abdullah Saleh requesting that human rights activist Lu'ai Abdul Wahab Al-Muayyad, a member of the Yemeni Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, be released from prison because his health is feared to be deteriorating.

Lu'ai Al-Muayyad, 27, has been in an unknown prison since this past June 30 when he was secretly detained by security apparatuses in front of his house in Sana'a on the background of Sa'ada war between the Yemeni Army and Houthis.

In their message, the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) revealed that Al-Muayyad is suffering from liver disease and lack of medication brought on by hepatitis B according to medical reports.

“He is in poor condition