As prosecution postpones investigation Ms Hujairah declares resignation [Archives:2005/847/Front Page]

June 2 2005

Journalist Rahma Hujairah announced on Tuesday May 31 her resignation from work at the Ministry of Information for which she has been working there for almost 2 years.

She commented that it is out of honor not to work for the Ministry of Information, as it never showed any reaction to the impolite article published in al-Bilad Newspaper in its zero issue.

Journalist Hujairah has shown its resignation at a meeting held at the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) after a great number of journalists expressed solidarity with her and her husband Hafez al-Bukari who both were subjected to defamation by al-Bilad Newspaper.

The last few days saw a large number of local and international journalists strongly denouncing the indecent writings that badmouthed the two spouses, expressing solidarity with them.

The Press and Publications Prosecution postponed investigation of the case filed against al-Bilad Newspaper till next Sunday upon the request of the newspaper as its editor-in-chief is on travel.

The prosecution rejected the request offered by one of the lawyers appointed by Rahma and her husband who demanded that al-Bilad Chief Editor should not be permitted to travel abroad.

The Press and Publications Prosecution allowed journalists to attend the investigations.

Tens of journalists held a sit-in last Monday insisting on attending the first investigation hearing of al-Bilad editors.

The angry journalists insisted to send a letter to the Ministry of Information to halt issuance of al-Bilad Newspaper and circulate notes to all the printing establishments in order not to offer services for the undisciplined newspaper.

Journalists are planning to stage a sit-in next Sunday at the Press and Publications Prosecution and send a letter to the leadership of People's General Congress (PGC) to examine their stand since al-Bilad Chief Editor is a member at the PGC's Permanent Committee.

Journalists Rahma Hujairah and her husband Hafez al-Bukari confirmed they respect the judiciary but they fear their case may be prolonged, and they do not accuse any party of standing behind prolonging case-related procedures.

The two journalists affirmed they do not want their case to be politicized since it is a case concerned with defending violated rights and freedoms.

Numerous journalists expressed their denunciation of the Ministry of Information that never took any action against a newspaper defaming the honor of journalists. Observers believe the passive stand of the Ministry of Information implies its support for al-Bilad Newspaper.

The Yemeni journalists denounced the stand of al-Thawrah daily, a state-run newspaper, as it never published any statements issued by the YJS on the case, as other newspapers did. Meanwhile a number of non-government organizations expressed their support and solidarity with Mrs. Hujairah and her husband.

On the other hand, for the sake of defending rights and freedoms of journalists, the YJS appointed defense-advocate Jamal al-Ja'abi to defend the two journalists Mohammad Saif al-Garari and Abdulqader Abdullah Sa'ad and file a suit against the Governor of al-Dal'e for ordering his guards to attack the two journalists while they were on duty in the begining of last April.