As-Said folkloric songs [Archives:2005/809/Community]

January 20 2005

By Nasser Abdulla Nasser Saleh
For The Yemen Times

The customs and traditions of every society have deep roots, often stretching back centuries. Yemen is marked with a unique heritage, and culture, one remarkable element of which are its folkloric songs. These songs differ from place to place.

As-Said, situated in Wadi Yeshbom in Shabwa is endowed with rich folkloric works and traditional songs are still handed down from one generation to another. They are often chanted during marriages and farming opportunities.

At weddings, the songs are repeated by the women and girls on the behalf of bride through the performances of Al-Hiddan, Ash-Shareh, As-Samareh and As-Syar or Az-Zafih, and are all associated with dancing and drumming. Performances of Ash-Shareh, As-Samareh, Al-Gabalieh, Ad-Dan, and Az-Zamil, are sung by the men on the behalf of bridegroom.

During the harvest season, the songs are repeated by the farmers as they crush large blocks, and plough the earth. The songs are also repeated as the fruit of the Nabk-tree is picked, as grass is mowed in the fields, as water is drawn from wells, as wheat is ground, and during Eid. Chanting the songs helps time pass quickly, and relieves fatigue.