As the 2 Countries Restart of the Direct Postal Service  and Links for Financial Transactions Yemeni-Kuwaiti Relations to the Better [Archives:1999/33/Front Page]

August 16 1999

SANAA: The skies between the two brotherly countries, Yemen and Kuwait are beginning to clear. The moments when relations were seen to definitely be going back to normal, started with the invitation of the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister to his Yemeni counterpart, Mr. Abdulqadir Ba-Jammal to visit Kuwait in May of this year. Then, we witnessed the historical day when the Yemeni Embassy in Kuwait was re-opened and re-started operating four months ago. Since then, relations between the two countries began to gradually normalize. The last such indication was the restart of the direct postal service and links for financial transactions which were cut after the 1991 Gulf war. Yemen Postal Organization’s Manager, Abdullah indicated that the new services would resume today, Monday August 16. 
It took almost 9 years to have these services between Yemen and Kuwait operational again. As this is a step towards re-establishing normal bilateral relations between the two countries. 
Before the Gulf crisis, Kuwait had been one of the greatest supporters and donors to Yemen. There are thousands of Yemenis expatriates who are still living and working in Kuwait, and who would be among the happiest about this news. Both Yemen and Kuwait look further to normalize the relations and get it back on track after so long.