As the Trial of the Alleged Terrorists [Archives:1997/49/Front Page]

December 8 1997

Proceeds: Evidence of Torture?
The court house, full of people, was shocked on Tuesday, 2nd December, 1997, as some of the accused persons began to take off their clothes to show marks on their bodies – evidence of the torture they had been subjected to during interrogation. One after another, the 25 alleged terrorists, said that the confessions presented to the court by the prosecutors were taken under physical duress. On their backs, sides, finger-nails and other parts of the body were marks of severe beating, electrification, and other forms of physical abuse. The accused, and their defending lawyers asked the judge, Mr. Faheem Abdullah Mohsen, to order an immediate medical check up by a doctor or any specialist to verify their claims. The judge declined. The trial had began two weeks back and was resumed on the 4th. The authorities allege that the accused persons are terrorists who are paid by foreign interests in order to sabotage the regime. During July and October, several bombs exploded in Aden.