As the violations, fraud attempts, and violence threaten to sabotage the elections: TANKS TAKE OVER [Archives:2001/09/Front Page]

February 26 2001

The GPC however, sent another press release denying the death of the 8 men and saying that only 2 policemen were killed and 4 injured in violent acts by ‘terrorist’ groups from Islah.
The GPC also openly accused Islah affiliates of voting “NO” on the constitutional referendum after high-ranking orders from Islah told them to do so. They also accused Islah of forming alliances with secessionists in an act that would harm national unity in Yemen.
This in itself is a new development that could lead to the conclusion that the GPC may be panicking after discovering that high numbers of “NO” votes have started to appear as the counting process goes on.
This comes in a time the country is in turmoil, with violent incidents taking place around the clock in various parts of the country.
While the election results are not officially out, the initial preliminary results were enough to trigger a direct reaction from Islah, whose representative in the SEC left the hall during the press conference that took place on Saturday night.
“The situation is tense, and we cannot predict what will happen next” an influential Political Security Officer (PSO) told YT. “The PSO is in its highest alertness in getting things under control” he added.
As the official results keep coming piece by piece, Yemen Times publishes today preliminary official results, which were announced for most governorates except for Mareb, which is thought to have been won by Islah after a very tense and close competition.
Even though the official results were rejected by all parties, except the GPC, discussions and meetings are expected to be held to end the dispute and have at least the main two parties agree on the results.
Violence during and after the elections has claimed more than 30 lives so far, and confrontations are still evident in many areas, including Mareb, Hamdan, Sanaa and Ibb. The final results are not to be released until the election process is complete in the 126 disputed electoral centers all over the country. Islah does not intend to step down and accept the results of the SEC, which could ignite a political crisis. According to observers, the situation is tense and could explode at any moment.

Official Election Results So Far