As tribesmen defy StateSaleh criticizes inciters of violence [Archives:2005/862/Front Page]

July 25 2005

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
SANA'A- In his meeting with Supreme Security Committee members held Saturday July 23 which discussed the impact of the recent riots, President Ali Abdullah Saleh said all inciters of violence must face up the consequences of their actions.

“Malicious individuals who incited violence, chaos and the smashing of government offices during protests against the cutting of the fuel subsidy seized the opportunity to shake the national security, and they must be held accountable for what they did,” the President said.

Saleh criticized all those who blocked the public roads and held up oil trucks and confirmed those responsible for this had been captured. He said gas is the nation's possession and not owned by a particular governorate.

On the other hand President Saleh conducted negotiations with tribal sheikhs from Marib on Saturday, reaching an agreement to remove all the tribal checkpoints and allow gas trucks to continue their journeys.

Tribesmen had attacked gas trucks, damaging one and killed its driver. Consequently, drivers decided to stop their journeys and the shortage which followed pushed up the gas price to 1400 rials per cylinder.