As UN Releases the Human Development Report 2000 Yemen, Still at the Rear [Archives:2000/27/Front Page]

July 3 2000

The UN released last Thursday the Human Rights Report for 2000, in which disappointing facts were provided in relation to Yemen. The report, which included thorough statistics of every country’s position in regards to human development, has shown that Yemen is a country with an extremely low quality-of-life level as it ranked it No. 148 out of 174. Not only was Yemen the lowest ranking country in the Middle East, but it was also the worst place to live in the whole Asian continent.
The ranking was only made available through extensive and up-to-date surveys on: human development factors including poverty, economic growth, GDP, progress in survival, health, education, access to information, economic performance, macroeconomic structure, resource flows, resource use, aid and debt, demographic trends, energy use, environment, food security and nutrition, job Security, political life, crime, personal distress, gender and women’s participation, plus other indicators. Yemen’s overall position was concluded based on all of these various indicators.
The list started with Canada, which continues to hold the first place as the country with the highest quality of life for its 6th consecutive year. For Yemen the story is totally different. The indicators show that Yemen has a long way before catching up with the average level of the Arab world, let alone the developed world. Yemen has only been able to maintain its position with no progress at all from last year.