Asaa’d al-Kamil Legacy of a Yemeni king [Archives:2003/07/Culture]

February 17 2003

Asaa’d Al-Kamil is one of the memorable figures in Yemeni history.
His real name was Abi karb Asaa’d bin Malaky Karb. He ruled Yemen towards the end of the 4th Century AD.
He was the most famous of all Himyrate Kings who were known as Tababia. He was famous as Asaa’d Al-Kamil and as Al-tuba’ Al-Yamani in history books.
His name is still deep in the memories of all Yemenis until present time. To him, all the old virtues are attributed.
His palace of Ghamdan, the first sky scraper in the world, is known as the palace of Asaa’d. A road built between Yemen and AL-Taif is known as Dakb Asa’ad,m literary meaning the path of Asad.
The water reservoirs but in ancient times are known as Khazan Asaa’d.
Ancient original gold is attributed to Asaa’d.
Even Janbla’s of high quality are known as Asaa’di.
Al-Kamil ruled Yemen for more than 50 years. He led a very eventful life and conquered all parts of Yemen and all the Arabian Peninsula, and, according to old sources, he conquered all the way to China.
Al- Kamil is believed to be the first ruler of Yemen to unite the whole country. His official tittle was king of Sheba, Dhu Raidan, Hadhramout Yemenite, Tawd and Tihama. During al-Kamil’s reign, Yemen prospered. The number of dams and reservoirs built in the region of Yahsub alone, was so dams and reservoirs.
Al-Kamil is believed to be the tuba’ whom Prophet Mohammed (Peace Upon Him) forbade unparsed words to be said on him, and is the character which was praised in the holly Koran.
Tuba’ in Arabic means the one who is followed.
Al- Kamil means the complete meaning a person of all virtues and of complete integrity.
Al-Kamil began his rule from the Dhafar, Yemen’s Himirate capita,l and died in the city of Ghaiman.
No Yemeni figure has been surrounded with so much fame and myth as al-Kamil has.
Mysterious mountain dungeons are a constant reminder of his time.