Asia’s Football Qualifying Matches: Big Victory of Al-Wahda Eagles [Archives:1998/38/Sports]

September 21 1998

The Wahda of Sanaa football team managed to defeat Al-Refa’a of Bahrain 3-0 in the match held last Friday in Al-Merisi stadium in Sanaa, as part of the Asian football qualifying matches for the Cup Winners Cup. As a result of this victory, Wahda of Sanaa go on to the quarter finals.
Many fans of various clubs attended the match to support Al-Wahda, and some of them cried with happiness when Al-Wahda player Ahmed Anqad scored the winning goal. The first half was dominated by Al-Wahda whose players presented a good performance.
The first half ended with a no-score draw. During the second half, Al-Wahda controled the field and intensified attacks by three strikers: Fouad Anqad, Saeed Al-Kholeidi and Saeed Ali.
Al-Wahda’s first goal was scored by Saeed Ali through a penalty kick, while the second goal was scored by Hani Abdullrahaman at the 18th minute of the second half. Thereafter, Al-Refa’a players became desperate and presented bad performance.
The second half ended with Al-Wahda winning 2-0, the same result as the match held between Al-Wahda and Al-Refa’a in Bahrain two weeks ago. As a result of this outcome, the two teams were give two extra time periods. At the beginning of the first extra time, the Wahda striker Fouad Anqad managed to score the third goal. The match was attended by The Minister of Youth and Sports, the Minister of Education and some other government officials.
Yemen Times congratulates Al-Wahda for this victory which reflects the cooperation among Al-Wahda club, the players and the coach.