Assaid: A twinkling star in the Yashbum valley [Archives:2008/1199/Last Page]

October 16 2008

By: Nasser Abdullah Nasser Salah
For the Yemen Times

The picturesque town of Assaid is situated on a highland 35 kilometers southeast of Attaq, the capital of Shabwa governorate. It has a population of approximately 15,000, many of them officials, laborers and farmers, and is located at the head of Yashbum Valley, on a hill overlooking two valleys: Marboon on the right and Yaroomeh on the left. Both valleys eventually merge with Arbaheen and Aimanah which join other valleys and flow south downstream towards the Arabian Sea. Assaid is hidden among three mountains, Hid Bin Radhi, Hid Mura'aeh and Hid Al-Burieh.

Many old Nabk trees (Christ's Thorn) make for a magnificent view. In full bloom, Nabk trees fill the air with a subtle aroma and, besides giving the town a calm and wholesome atmosphere, provide excellent nectar for bees to make delicious, excellent quality honey.

According to some beekeepers, interest in breeding bees is spreading among the locals because it is looked upon as a profitable business. “Such business is a good means of earning a living, although we suffer traveling from place to place as well as staying away from our families. Now everybody takes pride in how many beehives he has, because the more hives one has, the more profitable bargains one can make from honey,” says Talib