Assault against Ahqaf Univrsity manager [Archives:2005/879/Local News]

September 22 2005

SANA'A, Sept. 20 – Academics, teachers and students in Alhqaf University denounced assault against their manager Professor Ba-Haroon. In a staff communique they said that Prof. Ba-Haroon was being assaulted by unlawful land usurpers while he was visiting some of the university lands in Hadramot. The University considered this as an assault on education all over the republic and Hadramot in particular.

The communique denounced failure of the security authorities to arrest the reckless groups, who have no respect for other's rights.

They said that they are maintaining balanced intellectual coexistence in Alahqaf University that shuns extremism. They invoked president Saleh to maintain the university's rights.

The staff also called all the academic and educational bodies, political parties and civil society organizations to denounce this assault, which will be a precedent that will pave the way for the violation of all prevailing laws and norms.

Alahqaf University is one of the universities that teach Islamic Sufi thought.

In a special release for Yemen Times Prof. Ba-Haroon stated that this assault is an unacceptable behavior and a deviation from Hadrami social norms, where the only armed party is the government. It is an agreed norm that the citizens resort to law in their conflicts. He added that it is a stupid deed to allow citizens to use arms in resolving their differences and to carry arms to protect their rights. Prof. Ba-Haroon added that he does not carry arms and does not accompany any armed escort. He knows the serious consequences, but he thinks that it is an honorable action which should be generalized allover Yemen.

Prof. Ba-Haroon appreciated the public consolidation he received from all the governorates and thinks that their fair case and the peaceful social struggle that observes the law will win. Violence will be defeated and the principal of live and let live will prevail.