At Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and CultureTop officials at Al-Saeed cultural festivities [Archives:2004/735/Culture]

May 6 2004
Panel of the committee judging and distributing prizes
Panel of the committee judging and distributing prizes
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Abo Baker Al-Qirbi, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Yahya Al-Rae, Undersecretary of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Hisham Ali Bin Ali, and Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Haj, Vice Governor of Taiz attended the conclusion of recent activities of Al-Saeed Cultural Festival held on the occasion of presenting the wining prizes of Haj Hayel Saeed Anam on several fields of science and literature.
The ceremony was held at Hall of Al-Saeed Foundation for Sciences and Culture.
Dr. Ahmed Hayel Saeed Anam, Vice President of Al-Saeed Foundation, expressed his joy that the time of the celebrations at Al-Saeed Foundation coincides with the celebrations of the Republic of Yemen on the occasion of anniversary of the unification of the country under the leadership of H.E. Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of the Republic on May 22.
He pointed out that the occasion of presenting the wining prizes in science and literature is not merely to commemorate Haj Hayel Saeed, but also to push the wheel of development forward in the fields of science and culture. As it has motivated young writers, scientists and researchers to reach their limits in their fields of study and specialties.
The competition for Al-Saeed's Prizes in its 7th round, has contributed in serving important issues of concern to the whole society through the researches and efforts of many excellent, creative and innovative writers, scientists and intellects in conducting their findings and researches. It has enriched the scientific and cultural production in Yemen. It provides the opportunity to seek and find solutions to overcome difficulties and obstacles standing against the development of the country in all the various fields.
Mr. Ali Mohamed Saeed, the chairman of the Foundation, on his part, pointed out that as the foundation concludes its celebration, the biggest annual cultural activity inside the country, it calls on everyone to commence preparation for next year's prizes. He urged everyone to seek further knowledge and education in whatever field of their convenience, as it has been the national message of Hayel Saeed Group of Companies, founded more than 65 years ago. The responsibility of the development of the country lies in every loyal citizen.
During the celebration, Dr. Abdo Baker Al-Qirbi, Minister of Foreign Affairs and a member in the board of trustee of the Prizes expressed his happiness to be part of this year's celebration. He confirmed that during the past seven years, no other foundation, even a state's foundation has raised to the level of providing and dedication to the public and the interest of the Republic as much as Al-Saeed Foundation. He valued and praised the exerted efforts and contributions of Al-Saeed Foundation toward the development operation in Yemen.
The Undersecretary of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Hisham Ali expressed his joy to be among a very excellent group of distinguished writers, poets, men of arts and letters and scientists.
Mr. Mohamed Al-Haj, on his part, explained in his speech to the gathering that the distribution of the prizes of Hayel Saeed Anam on various fields of studies comes also within the frame of the activities on the occasion of Sana'a, the Arab Cultural Capital 2004, and a continuation of the effective and strong support and contributions of the private sector towards efforts of development and building of the country represented by Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies in order to overcome and to eliminate the deficiency in values, ideas, and understanding in dealing with the culture.

In a cable to H.E. Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of the Republic, the leadership of Al-Saeed Foundation expressed its appreciation and gratitude to the President for his continued efforts in caring and supporting culture and intellectuals, in particular and in providing assistant toward the prosperity of culture in the country, in general. It stated that this year's activities maintained the distinguished goals and the expansion in scope of activities, which come as supplementary to the official and the public efforts and in the recognition of Sana'a city, the Arab Cultural Capital 2004.
The festivities of Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture, consisting of the distribution of prizes, the holding of several lectures on sciences and arts and letters, and the inauguration of Taiz Book Exhibition participated by 10s of local, Arab and Foreign Publishing Houses had commenced last Sunday, 25 April in presence of Undersecretary of Taiz Governorate and Mr. Shawqi Ahmed Hayel and Mr. Faisel Saeed Fara, Director-General of Al-Saeed Foundation with the opening of the artistic exhibition by the creative artist Rasha Ahmed Al-Moghales, held at Al-Saeed Gallery. While Al-Saeed Forum hosted a number of lectures in the fields of arts and letters, poem and humane sciences during the days of the festivities, which reflected the reality and reaction in literature inside Al-Saeed Foundation.
Last Wednesday, the Gallery received a number of cartoonists from some Arab countries in an exhibition held under the slogan, “Sketches expressing issues and hopes of the Arab Community”, where the sketches reflected the national, Arabic and International reality, the concerns and issues of our lives. The Exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Abo Baker Al-Qirbi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and CEO of Al-Saeed Foundation Mr. Ali Mohamed Saeed, who also inaugurated Taiz Book Exhibition and Information Technique, participated by 75 Local, Arab and International Publishing Houses carrying more than 130 book titles.
These activities come within the frame of activities regularly carried out by Al-Saeed Foundation for Sciences and Culture annually and which accompanies the distribution of Haj Hayel Saeed Anam's Prizes on sciences and literature.