At the End of the Fifth Week Excellent Football Tournament: Sana’a-Ahli in the Leading & Violence at Ibb Competition [Archives:1999/05/Sports]

February 1 1999

Yet again, Sana’a Al-Ahli Club continued its leading position in the Excellent Football Tournament for the fifth week. After its strong victory against Abyan-Hassan Club, which is known for its stubbornness and difficulty of being defeated, Sana’a-Ahli inflicted on Hassan a hard decisive defeat (3/0) in the contest played in Mortals’ Stadium last Friday. It was clear since the beginning of the game that both clubs were seeking for nothing else than victory! 
Sana’a-Ahli was clearly determined to carry out the match as the leading team in the tournament, and found it necessary to overcome Hassan. Hassan of Abyan is not the kind of club that could squander the results of contests played in its own field and among its own supporters. The most tense moments of the first half game were the ones full of caution, anticipation, and probe. Hassan was not performing as it used to in front of its own fans. It seemed that the absence of 3 front and back players effected its overall performance. 
Hassan seemed to be dispersed in defence, weak in attack, and with no efficiency. Very few single attacks were led by Hassan’s Jiab Ba-Shafei’, who was imposed by severe control by Ahli-Sanaa. In addition, some nice tries were led by Hassan’s Ra’ed Hamadah and his colleagues to penetrate the Sana’a-Ahli defense line, which looked tenacious, solid, and strong after the joining of Abdul-Rahman Sa’eed and Ahmed Sa’eed. During the first half, the Ahli controlled the game completely and launched several dangerous attacks on Hassan’s net. The Ahli attacks confused Hassan’s defense, and opened many gaps. These attacks passed were organized mainly by Al-Qudeimi, Al-Salemi and Al-Nunu and formed pressure on Hassan’s goalkeeper Fawzi Ba-Muheid, who defended his goal bravely. After continuous pressure, Abdul-Rahman Sa’eed scored the first goal in Hassan’s net. In the second half, the Sana’a Ahli Ali Al-Nunu scored the second goal followed by a third one by Issam Al-Dhubhani. Hence the victorious Sana’a Ahli became the tournament leader after crushing Hassan (3/0) in one of the hottest games of the fifth week excellent football tournament.
Aden’s Al-Tilal club defeated Sana’a Al-Majd club (7/3):
After the result of (2/2) in the 1st half between Aden’s Al-Tilal Club and Sana’a-Al-Majd, the Aden’s Tilal organized its team well and scored 5 more goals in the second half. Then Al-Majd managed to score its third goal by a penalty kick. The game ended in favor of Aden’s Al-Tilal (7/3) to raise its points to 6, while unqualified Sanaa’s Al-Majd remained in the bottom of the list.
Ending the game between Ibb’s Al-Sha’ab and Al-Shu’lah with firearms:
The Ibb-Sha’ab and Aden’s Shu’lah in Al-Kibsi Stadium, ended with a draw between the 2 teams. The ambitious Ibb’s Al-Sha’ab’s reputation was saved by the goal scored by its luminous star Fikri Al-Hubeishi to end the match in a draw status (1/1) after almost losing it. Unfortunately, sad incidents of stone throwing and gun fire were witnessed between the supporters of Ibb’s Al-Sha’ab and its local rival Ibb’s Al-Ittihad. Police forces later intervened and stopped these violent fanatic acts quickly before they could escalated.
Results of last week’s football tournament contests:
a.Sana’a-Wahda defeated Taiz-Tale’ia (3/0)
b.Mukallah-Sha’ab defeated Taiz-Saqr (1/0)
c.Ibb’s Al-Ittihad deafeated ah-Hilal (2/0)