At the End of the Seventh Week Excellent Football Tournament Al-Ahli & AL-Wahdah In A Competition For The Lead! [Archives:1999/06/Sports]

February 8 1999

The Seventh Week of the football tournament witnessed seven strong contests last week in the Excellent division. Sana’a Al-Ahli was able to maintain its lead position in the tournament standings. In a tough match against Taiz Al-Saqr Club, Sana’a Al-Ahli was in a poor condition. 
The first half went poorly for both teams, while the Ahli attacks were scattered around the playing field and were stopped in general. Sana’a Al-Ahli defense was very strong in withstanding continuous Al-Saqr attacks. Against the powerful Al-Saqr defense, and with its weak unco-ordinated attacks, Al-Ahli lost several chances of scoring goals on Al-Saqr. In the second half, the entrance of Hani Ju’rah and his participation with Jamal Al-Qudeimi improved Sana’a Al-Ahli attack significantly. After many attempts, Ali Al-Nunu scored the solitary goal on Taiz Al-Saqr, ending the match successfully (1/0). Sana’a Al-Ahli raised its point total to 18, and became the leading team in the tournament.