At the second phase of wages law,New salary increase to be granted [Archives:2005/880/Business & Economy]

September 26 2005

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The minister of civil service and securities Hamoud Khalid al-Soufi declared about a new increase in salaries and wages of the state employees would be granted directly during the next year with the beginning of the second stage of the national strategy of wages the government is adopting over five phases with the aim of improving the living standard of the employees. He made it clear that the first stage of the strategy now under application would end with the end of implementing the tasks required to be finished by units of public service before the end of this year.

At a news conference held in Sana'a recently, the minister explained that the first stage focused on the principle of reform and stabilization of the actual situations in order to be the launching pad for the second state of the strategy so that the increment to be dispensed to real employees in the administrative machinery.

He said all publics employees would benefit from the national strategy of salaries and wages in addition t their benefit from the financial and administrative reforms that come within and part of the reform program.

The minister said the strategy included reforms like the restructure and re-building, employment description and evaluation, the plan of distribution of the workforce aimed at raising efficiency and improving performance and standard of quality. He pointed out that those reforms were related also to comprehensive system to fix the situation of public administration and that required references and work to be accomplished at future stages.

Minister al-Soufi said also the ministry of civil service had received in the past ten days 600 cases of double-dipping the beneficiaries took the initiative to report about, benefiting from the grace period granted to hem by the president of the republic for the purpose of settling cases of double jobs.

The period ends on 10 October 2005. on the other hand Mr al-Soufi said the ministry would in the coming days form a technical committee special for media men to supervise measures of transfer and fixing of employment in the new structure of wages in a manner easing those measures and guaranteeing that all journalists and media men working at government media institutions get all rights and privileges that the law of wages and salaries granted.