At the Tumors CenterKids present gifts to cancer patients [Archives:2005/832/Health]

April 11 2005

By Shaker al-Molsi
Yemen Times Staff

A group of young students visited on Wednesday April 5 the Tumors Center of al-Jumhuri Hospital loaded with gifts and presents for inmates. The visit was organized by the Women Sector of the Charity Establishment for the Support of Cancer Patient Centers in collaboration with the Sana'a-based British School.

During the visit, the kids and their teachers went through the center's wards distributing gifts trying to alleviate the pains of the patients who were so pleased.

“I want to see them well soon,” said 11-year-old Mohammed. “I wish I had the power to heal them.” Ghamdan, his classmate, explained the purpose of his participation in the visit as, “I have come with presents to make them happy.”

Mrs. Sameera, teacher and deputy headmistress, indicated that it is the first time to organize such a visit. “We would like to repeat it for it enables kids to share patients' their pains and know that this malignant illness is preordained.”

Teacher Amani mentioned that they, at the school, encourage pupils to contribute to charitable initiatives and infuse in them the love for goodness.

An important visit:

Mrs. Maryam Ibrahim Mohammed, Women Sector Manager at the Establishment, considered the visit of the “cancer patients' friends” as “significant” as it will raise patients' morale and reduce their suffering.

“I hope this wouldn't be the last time for visits and cooperation will continue. The students are enthusiastic about giving presents and helping patients. Despite their young age, they do really feel for others.

“It is enough for them to understand one of the Establishment's objectives, that is, patients are in distress and need their morale to be boosted so as to back up medicines.”

Mrs. Maryam went on saying, “The Establishment is supporting not only one but all cancer centers. This center is the first step in Yemen and the second is going to be inaugurated next month in the city of Ibb. We intend to cover all provinces for the convenience of patients. This will save them travel.

“Concerning therapy, it is quite expensive, but, within the limits of our capacity, we attempt at taking as much burden as we can off patients' shoulders, providing them with 50% discounts and sometimes free-of-charge treatment for the poor.”

Being in the Women Sector, Mrs. Maryam is gathering around her people who can be of some help of whom are the visiting youngsters.

“These children would do me a great service because kids are going to depict to their parents patients' conditions honestly and spontaneously.”

Charity Establishment for the Support of Cancer Patient Centers:

It was established on October 19, 2003. The General Assembly of the Establishment comprised men of charity, businessmen, and managers of medical firms, with Abdulwase'a Hayel Sa'eed as its Board of Trustees' Chairman and Hassan al-Kabous as its financial consultant.

Since it came into existence, the Establishment has been working on charitable activities aiming to enhance brotherhood and social cooperation in the society. Despite the priceless humanitarian services and development projects provided by many a charitable association, there is still a need for unified efforts so as to minimize cancer, limit it negative impact and treat the victims of this serious disease.

The Establishment has many objectives most important of which are a) combating cancer diseases and tumors, b) disseminating the spirit of solidarity among society's members, c) raising people's awareness on cancer causes, d) finding out financiers to support its programs, and e) procuring cancer treatment requisites from abroad.

The Establishment has done many activities including the preparation of the Tumors Center at al-Jumhouri Hospital, running awareness campaigns, and the ongoing foundation of branches in the provinces of Aden, Taiz, Hodiedah and Ibb. It also spearheads public fund raising campaigns.

This is all meant to treat the increasing number of cancer patients whose suffering is unlimited. Their pains continue to grow along with the burdens that they and their families endure.

It is noteworthy that the procedure for treating cancer patients is slow and troublesome involving regular checkups and expensive medical appliances. The suffering may not end at this point, however. When required means of treatment are unavailable here, which is sometimes the case, a patient, who can afford to travel abroad, will incur awful expenses for travel, accommodation and medication let alone their feeling homesick.