Attacks on Al-Saqqaf & Nashir Denounced [Archives:2001/40/Local News]

October 1 2001

A statement by the Nasserite Unionist Party said that four gunmen attacked the house of Ali Saeed al-Saqqaf, member of the Central Committee and editorial manager of Alwahdawi newspaper, mouthpiece of the party on September 28, 2000. The attack on Mr. al-Saqqaf came after Alwahdawi’s publication of many stories confirming many acts of plagiarism perpetrated by Khaled al-Qasemi from the UAE. Al-Qasemi has dropped the lawsuit filed against the newspaper after the publication of those articles.
On another level, a tribal group threatened Sadiq Nashir, corespondent of the Emirates al-Khalij daily in Sana’a. Sadiq Nashir has been in disagreement with Khalid al-Qasemi and had filed a lawsuit against him after al-Qasemi had burst into the premises of the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate (YJS) and insulted Mr. Nashir and other journalist present at the YJS.