Attacks on USA and Violence Globalization [Archives:2001/38/Focus]

September 17 2001

Mohammed Hatem Al-Qadhi
[email protected]
The terrorist attacks against vital institutions in the USA last Tuesday astonished everybody in the world. It was a heinous and monstrous crime that claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people and injured thousand others. Such sophisticated terror operations at one time and in different places stunned people as they think this could happen everywhere in the world but America, the dinosaur of the world. F.B.I investigations reveal that the operations have been carried out by cells of terrorism stationed in different countries. Plan for such attack must have taken much time. In fact, the American officials described the infamy a war against America and I say it a war against civilization and noble values of all human beings.
It is not justified, whatever the excuse, to slaughter thousands of people. What is the crime of the innocent people who have been victimized by the attacks. If some people are not happy with the American government policy, is it justifiable to kill civilians? Will this action stop this policy? Absolutely not!
The American reflex reaction against these disgusting attacks will be rather more aggressive. The US leadership pledged that the attacks will not go unpunished. All countries said perpetrators and infiltrators should be held accountable and presented to justice. The US counter attacks will hit many people in different countries. Other countries will take part in the attacks against terrorism worldwide. This means violence will be globalized and the affect of the horrific attacks in Washington and New York will hit the world at large.
Again, the attacks against the World Trade Center, world’s biggest economic institution, will not hit the US economy. Rather, it will target economies worldwide. This has been clear in the stalling of many economic centers all over the world. In fact, the impact of the infamy on USA will be globalized in terms of economy and politics.
Political observers believe that the US need not to accuse others without conducting intensive investigations to the attacks that made hell break loose in the US. The US president, George Bush, has been very wise when he urged his people not to take any offensive reaction against Americans of Arab or Muslim background. These US Muslims or Arabs have nothing to do with the problem. Some of their relatives have been even victimized by the evil act. I believe no human beings would feel happy with the killings of people just because they are Americans. Good people all over the world have condemned the crime as they feel there is no justification for victimizing such a huge number of people.
Therefore, US leadership should not be hasty in taking revenge action against countries or people before making sure of their involvement in the attacks. This is because such random counter attacks by the USA will breed counter terrorist attacks, particularly if the hit people or countries are later proved innocent.
As a matter of fact, the USA can not fight against terrorism alone as terrorism is like something abstract or mirage. Cells of terrorists are found everywhere, even in the USA now. It is an organized crime that threatens peace and stability worldwide. Therefore, all countries should take part in joint venture to curb terrorism. A conference organized by UN to this purpose should start now. High professionalism is needed to the effort. A well-studied action plan should be made to this end. In other words, what US needs now is wisdom rather than use of force so that it can find out these terrorists, bringing them to justice and punish the countries that harbor them.
Finally, I do here express heart-felt condolences and great sorrow to the US embassy staff and the American people in general on the death of innocent people by the attacks. I believe the American people will overcome the tragedy soon. May God bless the victims. Amen!