Attempted assassination [Archives:2007/1060/Local News]

June 18 2007

SANA'A, June 17 ) Yemeni businessman and Member of the Shoura Council Yahya Al-Habari escaped an assassination attempt on his life last Thursday in the capital Sana'a.

Media sources revealed that gunmen opened their fire on Al-Habari's car in Al-Hassaba zone and before one of his commercial companies; however, Al-Habari and his driver managed to escape the attempt on his life, while his driver was badly injured and he is now in the intensive care unit.

The sources mentioned no other details about the incident or the party that stands behind it. reported that the gunmen belong to Arhab area in Sana'a governorate and they were boarding a Toyota car with unreadable plate number.

Al-Habari, a senior businessman, who has strong ties with the ruling party, the General People Congress, has showed his support many times to government policies especially levying taxes on senior businessmen.

Yemeni Chambers of Commerce Union, Freedoms Committee at the Consultative Council, and the Ministry of Youth and Sport as well as Al-Ahli Club denounced the assassination attempt and demanded the concerned security authorities to catch the perpetrators and refer them to judiciary as such a phenomenon defames Yemen among investors.

Al-Habari told Al-Ayyam he was heading to his office without body guards as per his tradition. Suddenly, gunmen intercept with their car and fired randomly at his car, hinting he personally knows those who targeted him and they belong to some security institutions.

He pleaded upon President Saleh to work on limiting arms bearing as such phenomenon harms the country's reputation and pushes investors out, hinting that he would sell all his belongings and leave the country if the situation remain as it is.

Likewise, Al-Habari called on the Parliament to hasten issuing arms bearing law as arms have become a means for terrorizing and blackmailing citizens, maintaining that investments usually prefer quite and armless environments.