Attempts to fool the world will backfire [Archives:2003/631/Viewpoint]

April 14 2003


By showing a few hundred people parading in the streets of Baghdad City or looting government buildings the US has used its last card. It wanted the world to say, “Hey, may be this was a just war after all!” and trying to overcome the opinion of the overwhelming majority of world citizens who do not support the war.
But you know what? I am happy that this all happened. I am truly glad that this Oscar-award winning Hollywood movie of a nation being “liberated” has come to an end at last. I am truly happy that the pictures were broadcast all over the world.
Why you're asking? Well, the answer is simple: Because the US demonstrated that because it failed to convince the world that Iraq was a potential threat to the world by its alleged weapons of mass destruction, and because no such weapons were used or even found, the US wanted to get the emotions and sympathy of naive Americans and citizens all over the world by saying, “You know, at least we liberated the Iraqi people!” They knew that they would fail to convince the world from the start. This is why they named their war “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”
Well, not all Americans are naive, and not all world citizens can be fooled. It is a show, and it is an excellently executed one. It more or less goes like this:
1- Support a dictator and encourage him to oppress his people
2- Provide him and let others provide him with WMDs
3- Let him use them on his people and others
4- Encourage him to get into wars with neighbors
5- When time comes, tell the world that this is a dangerous regime threatening its neighbors
6- Tell the world it has WMDs that you know of (because you gave them to him)
7- Let the world apply sanctions to the regime to make people suffer and hate their leader
8- Let inspectors go in to destroy most of its military capability
9- Tell the world it is an oppressive regime that tortures and kills its people
10- Show the world you are committed to rid the regime of WMDs by force
11- Show the world you are committed to liberate the people from this dictatorship
12- Go for war and destroy the regime easily as it will have little military might left
13- Declare yourself liberator of the country
14- Rule the country for an indefinite time (define the term “as long as it is necessary”)
15- Use the country's oil wealth and secure a great strategic spot in the Middle East to defend Israel
16- Think of your next plan for another “dangerous” regime (preferably with rich oil fields)
17- Go to step 5 and go on in loops until you dominate the region/world

Simply put, the way this is played shows a disgusting well-played game of fooling the world at the expense of poor people who would not have suffered from the start of the US had not supported their brutal dictatorship. They make those people suffer from sanctions and dictators until they believe that even a foreign colony is better than living such a life under oppression and degrading economic conditions. What is even more ridiculous is the way the scenario will probably continue showing the world that the colonizing force is treating Iraqis nicely by offering them the best of services and a descent life. This is to divert Iraqis from the fact that the occupying force is sucking away its oil and controlling the country's resources and political stance.
What we have seen on TV last week is a means to try and shift popular anti-war opinion. It is the best thing that could ever be done to guarantee maximum influence on world opinion in an attempt to present a pretty mask (alleged freedom) for an ugly face (the war). But guess what? Even this best shot is failing!
Today, more people are beginning to question the justice in this war. People who paraded for a few days are now complaining. There is no law or order in the country. There is no food, no medicine, no water, no electricity. “What are we parading about?” one Iraqi asked. “Even though Saddam is gone, but so are security, food and water!”
Even if they have all that, how can proud Iraqis be ruled by a military general coming from across the Atlantic? Does this conform to the national pride of an Iraq people lived with for long?
If all this media coverage of Saddam's statues falling, pictures torn apart and burnt were not enough to change the opinion of billions of viewers worldwide to this war, what will? You don't suppose a military regime in Iraq will? Or will the future of US oil companies sucking Iraq's oil to supposedly rebuild a country destroyed by the US will?
Now the US has used all its cards, and is running out of options and ideas.
No doubt, as days pass by, the US would realize that trying to fool the world will definitely backfire.