Attended by the director of the British CouncilNCC Education prize draw concluded [Archives:2003/666/Local News]

September 8 2003

NCC Education Center in Sana'a held a small celebration attended by Mr. Adrian Chadwick, Head of the British Council Office in Yemen on the occasion of the draw of NCC's competition in the Yemen Times.
During the event, Mr. Chadwick pulled out the winning coupon, which was for Mr. Wadhah Al-Haddad. The prize was a complete 6-month computer diploma scholarship, with an internationally approved certificate.
Receiving Mr. Chadwick at the NCC Education office were the center's General Manager Dr. Ibrahim Abdulhafidh, Marketing Manger Mr. Wael Hashem, and Academic Manager Mr. Adnan Al-Harazi.
Mr. Chadwick expressed his satisfaction over the quality education given at the NCC Education center in Sana'a and was pleased to know that all students have passed the last academic term of NCC Education.
“This indicates that the center has indeed provided quality education that conforms to modern British international standards.” he said.
On this occasion, Mr. Wael Hashem, the Marketing Manager of NCC Education in Yemen said that the success of the center in Yemen was due to its quality education and the high standards of the curriculum of NCC Education along with the supreme qualifications of the academic staff teaching at the table. “Not to mention that students were also hard working.” he added.