Authorities seize drugs [Archives:2004/787/Local News]

November 4 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

Authorities in Taiz confiscated large quantities of smuggled and illegal drugs in an area near to Shar'ab, Oct. 26.
The 19 packages of drugs from unknown sources, and at a value of YR 9 million, were seized and taken away from the smugglers by central police officers after a joint effort with representatives from the Attorney General, the police, and the Health and Population Office in Taiz.
The smugglers used to bring into the country drugs from several sources to sell it in local markets in Taiz districts.
These drugs along with different goods and some types of wines are smuggled through the coast of the Red Sea.
Some of them can be seized while many others pass into the country by smugglers employing various means.