Award Ceremony in al-Afif Cultural Foundation [Archives:2001/21/Local News]

May 21 2001

A ceremony was organized in al-Afif Cultural Foundation last Tuesday 15 May to recognize Mr. Abdullah Fadel Far’e and Mrs. Attekah al-Shami for their valuable contributions in the service of the country. In the ceremony Dr. Mujeed Ghanem, Dr. Azizah Mohammed Abduh Ghanem, Mrs. Fawziah Noaman, and Dr. Abdullah al-Khamisi highlighted the exemplary deeds of the two honored persons. 
Mr. Ahmad Jaber Afif, Chairman of al-Afif Cultural Foundation, presented al-Afif cultural Medal, certificate of merit and some publications of the foundation to the two. 
In their reply to the reception of the two honored persons highly appreciated the foundation’s efforts.