Award for the Top Yemeni  Sportsman of the Year 1999 [Archives:1999/17/Sports]

April 26 1999

The committee for nominating candidates for the International Olympic prize for the year 1999 held extensive meetings last week to lay down the requirements for candidates nominated for the prize. “Sports and Education” was the title of this year’s prize, which means the winner of this prize should have contributed to spreading and developing sports and education in his country. This shows the importance of connecting sports with education, as this is an essential part of modern Olympic ideas.
Mr. Ali Al Sabahi headed the committee, and Mr. Naser Al Shatheli and Mr. Abdul Hamid Al Saeedi were members of the committee.
The last day of receiving application is the 15th of May; the committee prepared application forms which were distributed to all sports and youth offices in all governorates of the country. The candidates should meet the following requirements:
1.A Yemeni national
2.Still living
3.At least 35 years old
4.Preferably has worked in the field of sports (government or private), or sports educational programs in schools and institutions, or served in the field of sports and education and participated in their development for a period of no less than 10 years.
5.The candidate should have a some major achievement in the private or official sports activities.
6.A clean record, with no disciplinary action having been taken against him for dishonest or unsportsmanlike conduct.
7.The candidate should not be connected financially to the Olympic committee or the Ministry of Youth and Sports, or receive any subsidies from them.
8.Preferably a candidate who has done research and studies on sports and education that have been ratified by official parties.
9.Preferably a candidate with experience in sports and education authority, or has been assigned officially abroad in sports and education positions.
10.Preferably contributing to sports and educational achievements on both national and international levels, or having won medals or awards in competition or seminars and festivals that relate to sports and education.