Awarding top secondary school students in Aden [Archives:2004/779/Local News]

October 7 2004

By Nazih Abdulla

An awarding ceremony was held on the morning of Monday 27th September in the faculty of Arts of Aden University, for the top ten students of the Preparatory and Secondary stages for the School Year 2003/2004. The party was organized by 'Spacetel Yemen', in the presence of Mr. Ahmed al-Dhulaei, the Assistant Deputy of Aden Governorate, and Dr. Mehdi Abdul Salam, the General Manager of Education Office in the Governorate as well as a number of government officials.
The Assistant Deputy of Aden Governorate delivered a speech in which he congratulated the successful students, praising the role played by them in pursuing their study, in addition to the efforts of the Governorate and the Educational leaderships in taking care of students.
On his part, the Education Director in Aden assured in his speech that Aden Governorate has occupied the first position in the whole of the Republic in the results of the Secondary school examinations. He pointed out that eight of the students from Aden scored in the Republic's top ten positions.
At the conclusion of the party, rewards and merit certificates were distributed among the top students. Additionally, 'Spacetel Yemen' has awarded “Lutfi Aman Secondary School” administration and teachers as well as two students. Dhu Yazn (who scored the first position in the Republic) was awarded complete home furniture and a computer. The second one called Haider Omer Saleh, (who scored the second position in the Republic) received a gift of US$500.00. Besides, the Secondary administration was supplied with 20 computers as a contribution towards encouraging education in our country.