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September 15 2003
Ayoob at the moment of honoring
Ayoob at the moment of honoring
Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Finally, the ministry of culture and Tourism has honored the well-known and creative vocalist Ayoob Taresh Absi.
People highly praised and appreciated this wonderful step taken by the ministry of culture and tourism represented by Minister Khalid al-Ruaishan, as Ayoob has given all love and loyalty to Yemen and deserves that recognition.
The ceremony held last week at the cultural center in Sana'a was attended by a number of the artist’s admirers and lovers. Ayoob has enriched the Yemeni song with a number of distinguishing art works, establishing a school the new young generation of artists will benefit from in future.
This recognition has come on the occasion of declaring Sana'a capital for Arab culture.
Ayoob who was born in 1942 is considered a successful singer that could with his own efforts bring his art to reality.
He who studies the career of the artist will stand honorably and gloriously in front of him. He has not come from a rich family but rather from a poor one and could with hard and arduous efforts push his own way in life. His fame as a creative singer was not admired only by the Yemeni audience but it has extended to a very large Arab audience as well.
The head of the world Arab institute in Paris said that the artist Ayoob Taresh was generally considered a remarkably distinguished tune in the Arab world.
Ayoob has won admiration of the various social classes of the Yemeni society. He could sing for farmers, workers, army men, immigrants and students.
The national famous work is the national anthem of the republic of Yemen.
Life school is the one that Ayoob has graduated from, where he could sing what people feel. As Ayoob believes in work and creativity, he has not left his job in Yemenia airlines since 1970 till 2001. He also has worked in the Yemeni Bank for development and constructions in Taiz.
He is really the creative and talented vocalist who has attracted hearts and feelings of people with his sweet, charming and beautiful voice.