Ayoub’ssweet melody [Archives:2005/821/Culture]

March 3 2005

By Al-Hadi Kafoth Mohamoud
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

Before I came to Yemen I thought that the only popular and nation-wide singers in this country are Abu Baker Salim Belfagee and Ahmed Fathi.

But after I have arrived in Yemen and lived with people here, especially the youth, I found that there is a man who is not known as the two mentioned above.

Ayoub Tarsh has a melody and sensitive sound that is unique and his cassettes have songs that contain meanings about Yemen unity as an important event.

In each country we can find a lot of singers in different ages.

In Egypt we find Omm Kalthoum and Abdo Alhalim Hafiz.

But singers today are quit different from them because of lack of words and songs which relate to the poem and poetry, not those who have said good poetry like Nazer Gabani and others.

In Sudan we find singers who have done good and unique songs like Alkashif, Abedelkarim Elkalali and Mohammed Alamin. Who has a position in Sudan like Ayoub in Yemen?

Finally what I want to say Ayoub has a good throat which is not easy to be found in most people.

Even scientists who specialize in sounds say that sound with mixes the harsh and acute is good one.

I want to tell the reader of his excellent songs to the country, and as a proverb says, the singer or the poet should be a tongue for his nation, not only singing for money or entertainment.