Azzandani issues temporary marriage Fatwa [Archives:2003/653/Front Page]

July 24 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
SANA'A_ Sheikh Abdulmajeed Azzandani, Chairman of the Islah Shura Council in Sana'a has defended his Fatwa, (religious decree) issued earlier concerning solving youths problems of the Arab and Muslim communities living in Europe and the USA in order to get married to there.
In a statement to the Qatarti-based newspaper, Arrayah on July 19, Sheikh Azzandani said that he had issued his Fatwa centering solving the problem of Arab as well as the Muslim communities in order not to get affected by the Western culture and their behavior particularly with regard to establishing open relations between the two sexes.
He further added that the marriage itself had relied on the conditions of the legal marriage and determined by the marriage official, two witnesses, contract, dowry agreed by the two parties.
Azzandani pointed out that availability of a house on part of the husband-to-be can not be considered an obligatory condition.
He said that during his visit to Europe, he was asked to find a solution to the problems of the Arab communities where their families couldn't afford establishing relations with female westerners. This will lead to illegal marriage,” Azzandani remarked.
Azzandani sees that the new Fatwa would preserve the Islamic community from being lost in the western countries' traditions.
The new Fatwa has been met by sharp riposte by a number of Islamic religious scholars in Egypt and other Arab states. Those scholars have totally rejected his Fatwa and they considered it as means of committing adultery.