B.M. Na: “We work around the clock, and are very pleased with the Yemeni workforce.” [Archives:1998/19/Business & Economy]

May 11 1998

On Sunday, May 2nd, the first concrete block was placed at the Container Platform at the Aden Free-Trade Zone in Caltex. On this occasion, Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf of Yemen Times talked to Mr. Byoung Moon Na, the Director of Hyundai Company, which is implementing the project.
Q: Could you briefly tell us about this stage of the project?
A: This is a primary stage, which was inaugurated by placing the first concrete block of the container platform in the sea. This block measures 13.5 x 4 meters and weighs about 150 tons.
Several blocks will be placed on top and alongside each other according to a special design. Hyundai has a long experience in the construction of harbor platforms all over the world.
We have brought all the necessary equipment, and are work 24 hours a day in order to be able to finish the project at the set date according to the specified standards.
The Yemeni people working in this project are quite efficient. We are very pleased with their work. They really have proven themselves capable of doing the task at hand.
Q: When will the primary stage be completed?
A: This stage will be finished in March, 1999, according to the set plans.
Q: How many blocks are needed to construct the container platform?
A: There will be 1,530 concrete blocks, each weighing about 150 tons. All will be constructed and placed by Hyundai.
Q: How many people are working in this project?
A: There are more than 700 workers, 200 of whom are foreign.
Q: Will you also execute the other stages of the Aden Free-Trade Zone?
A: We are very happy to be here. We have brought all the necessary equipment and have prepared a skilled Yemeni workforce. So Hyundai will be really pleased to also do the other stages of the free zone project.
Q: How far have you reached in dredging the harbor?
A: We have finished about 45% of the work, and the dredging process in still going on?
Q: What are the main difficulties you face in your work?
A: There are really no obstacles or problems to speak of, whether regarding equipment or workers. The Yemeni government and all officials concerned are doing their best to remove all obstacles and facilitate our work. Government officials have lso issued directives to all public bodies to help with the task at hand.
The reflects the great attention given by the state to the gigantic Aden Free-Trade Zone.
Q: Any last comment?
A: I’d like to emphasize that work in this projects is proceeding very well. I also would like to thank all people in the Yemeni state and government for their immense help.
Thanks are also due to Mr. Dirham Noman, the President of the Aden Free-Trade Zone, for simplifying all the necessary customs measures to facilitate the swift entrance of our equipment into the country. This has greatly helped the rapid execution of the task.