Ba Jamal refuses to appear before Parliament for questioningParliament rejects compensations for buying company [Archives:2004/746/Local News]

June 14 2004

The Parliament agreed to grant the government of Ba Jamal a two-month grace period to cancel the sale agreement to sell the government's oil share in Sector 53 in Hadramout Governorate. The grace period was issued in order to enable the government to take the necessary measures to implement the recommendations of the Parliament related to the Oil Ministry's sale agreement of 60% of the shares of the Yemeni Oil Company in the above sector.
Parliamentary sources said that the Prime Minister was scheduled to appear in Parliament on Wednesday June 8. Instead, a letter was received by the Parliament from him requesting that Parliament grant the government a period of 60 days from date of the letter to enable the government to implement the Parliament's recommendation and to terminate the agreement with the buyer cordially, in the interests of the reputation of the country.
Parliament rejects any compensation from the state treasury for the buying company, as the compensation means the continuation of tampering with public funds. The PGC bloc in Parliament is under pressure to meet the government's demand for compensation.