Ba Jamal:Al-Zindani is not a terrorist [Archives:2004/727/Local News]

April 8 2004

Prime Minister, Abdul Qader Bajamal, in a statement issued to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Newspaper in the last two days, stated that Yemen does not consider Sheikh Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani, Chairman of the Islah Al-Shoura Council and accused by the USA of funding terrorists, a terrorist. Yemen has not received any proof to substantiate the US claims and when Yemen receives anything it will look into it. The Premier praised Yemeni-American cooperation in combating terrorism, which has assisted Yemen in making progress in the fight against terrorism.
The PM pointed out that suspects in the bombing of USS Cole, in 2000, which resulted in the death of 17 American sailors, will appear in court during the coming few weeks after the security authorities recaptured 15 suspects who escaped from prison last year.