Back To the Holy Land: It Is Criminal, Not Just Excessive or Provocative! [Archives:2001/32/Focus]

August 6 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
Time and again, this column has pointed out the criminal monstrosity that the Zionist Movement is set out to be and time and again the Zionist regime, especially with its ultra right wing Government in office, headed by the butcher of the Holy Land, Ariel Sharon, almost deliberately endeavors to prove this characterization without fail.
It seems fairly clear now, even to the most ignorant bystander that what Israel is perpetrating in the remaining Palestinian enclaves, particularly, since the butcher came to the helms, is an obvious ethnic cleansing campaign, notwithstanding the desires of the international community, and not giving one speck of consideration at the fuel that is being ignited throughout the Middle East, in particular and the Islamic World in general.
We have no difficulty in fully understanding what the Zionist monster is doing in he Holy Land and we have no difficulty in realizing that this menace will stop at no juncture to complete its criminal designs in the Holy Land, and will pay no heed to all the public pleadings for an end to the violence in the region by the international community. The trouble that still remains is that the fundamental supporter and backer of this Zionist mobster in the region, the United States, still looks at matters in the region with a cataract infected eye, not even given due consideration to the human toll in lives and the misery that has become the way of life for those Palestinians, who await their turn as the Zionist death machine continues to unleash its systematic campaign of death and humiliation against the defenseless Palestinian people, who have become the victims of one of the most heinous crime against humanity ever inflected since Adolph Hitler.
The latest unsurpassed criminal acts of Sharon could only be viewed by the United States as being “excessive and provocative”, thus giving such actions a taint of legality and understanding, which as far as Sharon and his gang of pseudo Zionist mobsters are concerned is regarded as no more than the continued impetus to carry on as they please, because the United States has done no more than give an analysis of the situation, rather than express an opinion that stands to give strength to international law and humanitarian conduct of “democratic” states, which Israel and the international Zionist mob constantly pictures Israel to be. Not to mention that the United States, especially since the Bush Administration took over has totally ignored its role as the Conductor in the Middle East peace process, long ago thrown out the window, by the not lesser criminal act of Ariel Sharon violating the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by wobbling his impure bloodstained mega-physique through its sacred grounds ten months ago, in order to unleash the systematic program of death and evacuation of the Palestinians from the remaining areas of the West Bank and Gaza just so the First Phase of the International Zionists Conspiracy can be implemented in full, which Sharon has unabashedly made it clear that he is set on fulfilling, notwithstanding the soft tones of disbelief that are issued in Washington from time to time, to placate its Arab friends, who are begging Washington to take a more firm hand, before the Arab masses could get out of hand and start hitting left and right against American interests and the thrones of the Arab kings and presidents, who have shown total impotence in reacting to the increased intimidation of the Zionist state against their dignity and their honor, if we can assume that there is still any of that much left in the Arab rulers, which we frankly have not seen any evidence of whatsoever.
As the situation continues to get worse day by day in Palestine and as the butcher continues to illustrate that he has no intention of easing his thirst for Palestinian Arab blood, nor his intention of waging his own dirty war against the sensitivities and beliefs of the Moslem community of the world, clearly not worrying about the international implications of such narrow-minded chauvinistic and demagogic orientation, while trying to have the world believe that this is a Divine destiny given to the Jewish people, as Zionist demagogues always try to paint their unholy adventure of mischief in the Holy Land, it is obvious that there is no hope of a let up, since the United States continues to give Sharon his go-ahead signals to carry on, because the United States is too busy to carry out its responsibility as a genuine peacemaker, which it asked for in the first place, thanks to the prodding of the Zionist lobby in the United States. There is no telling what the future holds, but for sure there are no plus marks for American foreign policy if it is not going to take firm effective action that will domesticate the animal it has unleashed in the region and continues to supply with the machinery and the resources to carry out its merciless cold blooded murder of the Palestinian people and systematic eradication of any Palestinian entity.
Coming back to the Arab World, it seems clear that for sure the Arab World will not be able to show its true colors in dealing with this tragedy, simply because the Arab leaders at the helms now do not have the nerve or the true desire of acting along the desires of their constituencies. Even in the oil rich Arab states, it is the belief of this observer that the majority of the people in these states are willing to support their Governments’ firm action of shutting off the faucet that sends the oil to activate the American and western economies, since these states are unabashed in their carelessness about what Israel is doing to our Arab brethren, if these Arab Governments would stop acting chicken and show that their minds and hearts are operating along the same wavelengths as their subjects for a change, rather than continue to placate the desires of their masters in Washington and the international Zionists organizations that see the present Arab leadership as their best guarantee that the Zionist campaign in Palestine will proceed uninterrupted by any sincere and serious effective reaction coming from the Arab World. The only way for the Arabs to be effective in dealing with the horrors that their brethren in Palestine are being subjected to at this stage is to seriously start thinking along these lines, or else sooner or later their constituencies are going to find them to be no more than puppets of the Zionist butcher – no more, no less.
Then, only time can tell what will happen to them and to the rest of the world.