Badr Scientific Center:Scientific education for 500 students [Archives:2003/655/Local News]

July 31 2003

SANA'A_ The Badr Scientific Center is to organize educational activities and studies for 500 intermediate school students during the present summer vocation.
Dr. al-Mortadha Zaid Mohatwari told the Yemen that 300 students from various governorates are to be provided with lodging and food at the center in addition to listening to scientific lectures on Qura'an sciences, Islamic law, grammar as well as training them on oratory out of Zaidi Islamic thought perspective.
Manager of the center Mr. Abdulqader said that the Zaidi sect teaches student to be moderate and not to adopt sectarian fanaticism.
The center is also to carry out a number of other educational activities such as, teaching English language, computer in addition to services offered by the center's cultural library to children.
Badr Scientific Center is considered the biggest one specialized with the Zaidi sect whose spread has been receding recently in comparison with activities with the Salafi and other Islamic sects.