Bajamal blames terrorism for lack of democracy [Archives:2003/692/Local News]

December 8 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajamal blames violence and terror attacks and the absence of tolerance and dialogue in the Arab world for a lack of democracy and misleading ideology.
He said in his speech to the 31st annual meeting of the Arab News Agencies in Sana'a Saturday that “mistaken policies and false ideologies have been the reason for our Arab nation's political, economic and security collapse.
“We have dealt with falsehood and avoided the truth and we ended up into misleading the conscious of the people, setting up a totalitarian and nihilist sense and the result is this disaster,” he added.
He said “we all do not like the truth as our culture has been set up on the basis of sentimental favoritism.”
He called on the chiefs of these news agencies to avoid favoritism, working hard to make news information a means to produce a culture that can accept but the truth, away from being influenced by the political, social or cultural sentimentalism.
He pointed out the importance of belief in transparency, credibility and openness to cope with the needs to live in a democratic society.
“The new technological era entails that we must deal with the truth regardless of the ideologists and politicians attempts to shape according to their own satisfactions,” he said.
On his part, Nasr Taha Mustafa, head of board and chief editor of Yemen News Agency – Saba, said that the meeting is significant as it is being held in the light of the changes that came as a result of the Iraq war, adding that the developments in the political and security levels will find their way to and influence on the programs and policies of media.
The meeting discussed several issues related to the work of the Arab news agencies and their cooperation and elected a new administrative authority.