Bajamal calls for an overall change in education curricula:Education first priority [Archives:2003/640/Front Page]

June 9 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajamal, called last week for an overall change in the education curricula as well as mosque preachers. Opposition sources said Bajamal told the GPC Parliament caucus members in a special meeting that ” it is important now that a comprehensive change in the education curricula should carried out before they come translated from the US.” ” We are Muslim people and there is no harm if we lessen the religious content in them” he added. Bajamal stressed, in his meeting with GPC parliamentarians before presenting his platform to the parliament this week, that mosques should be made free from current preachers most of whom belong to Islah party. Some of them won the parliamentary election and were able to defeat some prominent GPC leaders.
President Ali Abdullah Saleh stressed in his first meeting with the new government that the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Guidance should play an important role in bringing about moderate mosque preachers far away from extremism and terrorism.
The former government of Bajamal was able in 2000 to abolish the religious schools which were run by Islah party.