Bally: Impressive Opening in Yemen [Archives:1999/19/Local News]

May 10 1999

Al-Ahmar Trading and Investment Co. (ATICO), celebrated the grand opening of their new business venture with Bally of Switzerland, a well known name in the shoe and leather accessories world since 1851, in Sana’a Trade Center, Algeria street, last Wednesday.
In the press conference held after the official opening, Sheikh Hamid Al-Ahmar, CEO of ATICO said when Yemenis travel abroad they spend most of their time and money in shopping, they travel to buy reliable and durable goods of reputed names, such as Bally, which are not available in Yemen. Now they don’t need to do that.
ATICO tries to bring the best to the Yemeni markets at affordable prices. ” Bally’s products all over the world are made for the middle class people. It is sad that not many middle class people in Yemen can afford to buy our products, in spite of the fact that our prices are inexpensive compared to any of the other markets.” added Sheikh Hamid Al-Ahmar.
Mr. Fritz Luchsinger, Head of the New and Developing Markets Department of Bally said “It took us a long time to come to Yemen, because we wanted to have a reliable and reputed business partner and a good investment atmosphere. We are very happy that we have met our requirements, and we are glad to be in Yemen.”
” Bally started by making shoes, today we manufacture a variety of leather goods and accessories, such as ladies purses, leather bags, wallets, neckties, shirts, etc.” Mr. Luchsinger added
By: Hatem Bamehrizs
Yemen Times