Bani Dhabian sheikh threatens to kill the hostage and warns MP Sultan Al-Barakani [Archives:2008/1176/Local News]

July 28 2008

Almigdad Mojalli
SANA'A, July 27- Bani Dhabian Tribe, who kidnapped Tawfiq Al-Khameri's son one week ago, is now threatening to kill the son and kidnap many more unless Nabil Al-Khameri surrenders.

“If Nabil Al-Khameri doesn't surrender himself to justice, we will kill his nephew and kidnap many other people from his family until he responds,” said Ali Mabkhout, one of the sheikhs of the Bani Dhabian tribe.

According to Mabkhout, the story started in 1998 when Nabil Al-Khameri wanted to buy mercury illegally from someone in his village and gave them a check for US $490,000. When the when the seller went to the bank to get the money, Tawfiq Al-Khameri, Nabil's brother, had notified police. The police were waiting at the bank and arrested the seller.

The seller spent six months in prison and was eventually obliged to give up his claim to the money. After released from prison, the seller returned to Bani Dhabian and enlisted the tribe to help get the money back from Al-Khameri. Once Al-Khameri realized the Bani Dhabian tribe was involved in the issue, he offered half of the sum and then later on offered two thirds of the sum, but the tribe refused and clashes broke out between the two parties. The result was that a tribesman named Mohammed Abdullah Najran was killed and four others were injured by Nabil Al-Khameri.

According to Mabkhout, Al-Khameri's son was kidnapped with his two of his companions while in his car one week ago. “But when they got out of Sana'a, the companions and the car were released while the son was taken to Bani Dhabian tribe,” said Mabkhout.

Mabkout accused the MP Sultan Al-Barakani of trying to keep Al-Khameri from justice and to change the dispute into a revenge killing issue. “”Al-Barakani has to respect the power he has and not change the issue into revenge killing