Bank manual in Arabic and English [Archives:2004/784/Local News]

October 25 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
To promote the banking and insurance sector, “The Yemeni Banking Manual” has been issued recently.
This distinctive manual contains important information about the banking and insurance sector in the country.
It covers most of the laws, terms and studies associated with the banking sector in both Arabic and Englis.
The manual will help develop banking and insurance activities in Yemen.
The new issuance, to which all the Yemeni banks and insurance companies subscribe, comprises 184 color pages. It is brought out in the Gulf countries by being copied in a CD.
The issuance of the manual is a result of the advertising efforts by Al-Nukhba for Public Relations and Advertisements. This Nukhba also prepared the Yemeni Advertising File in the Arab Tourist Manual, which was sponsored by the Arab League, in addition to the a Training & Qualification Manual.
The banking manual was also distributed to Yemen Times subscribers.