Bank marketing applications [Archives:2003/632/Community]

April 21 2003
Mr.Ahmed Al-khawi
Mr.Ahmed Al-khawi
Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Bank marketing can simply be defined as the study of the market needs in a way that fulfills the bank objectives. Yet economics and management experts always assert that this concept of bank marketing is getting improved day by day.
Yemen is on of those countries that lately came to know and adopt the banking services system through the authorization of the setting up of commercial and Islamic banks in Yemen.
To spotlight the main problems of bank marketing one can say that the scarcity of the marketing competent cadre and the unavailability of advanced teqniques of the modern banking work are the major problems that cause Yemen lack behind almost all advanced countries in bank marketing yet there are serious endeavors to go for the better,and here it's worth noting the varied activities carried out by the Yemeni Bank Association under of which most of the Yemeni Banks are enlisted so as to train and qualify the Yemeni cadre of these banks.
The association always holds symposiums and training courses in coordination with the “Arab Banks Union ” the last of which was the bank marketing applications symposium held from 10 to 12 last March.
The symposium focused its concentration on the latest trends of advanced marketing in the finance and banking spheres and the ways possible to best exploit and adopt the latest trends and theories of most International and Arabic finance and large companies to make the most of their history and experience and further develop the marketing means available.
Dr. Fuad Shaker,Arab Banks Union Chief assured that holding such symposiums and training courses in Yemen aims at increasing and developing the Yemeni cadre experience and to assist Yemen keep up with other advanced countries in the finance and bank marketing.
Dr. Shaker has evaluated the banking performance in Yemen as saying ” not withstanding the late beginning of bank marketing in Yemen, banking performance is developing and satisfactory to some extent, he further added that this lateness should make us double our activities and make the most of others ' faults and experience.
Mr.Ahmed Al-khawi chairman of Yemeni Banks Association assured that the Association is constantly working to enhance the banking work by holding symposium and training courses that most Yemeni Banks take part so as to provide Yemeni banks by the newest and latest developments with respect to the banking work and crisis in Yemen.