Bar association condemns torture [Archives:2003/05/Local News]

February 4 2003

TAIZ – The Yemeni Bar Association in Taiz has condemned what it calls the heinous torture and abuse of Samee Yaseen al-Shargabi during a criminal investigation in Taiz.
Al-Shargabi was arrested last month and charged in the kidnapping and killing Ebraheem Mahuob Ahmed, of Taiz.
Abduallah Noman, head attorney, said that what al-Shargabi had been exposed to is considered a crime and indignity.
Yaseen al-Shargabi, Samee father, has asked for punishment of the officers and soldiers who took part in torturing his son. He has appealed to Yemen’s President Saleh and Human Rights minister Dr. Waheeba Farea to interfere to get his son to a hospital.