Bare prairie [Archives:2007/1023/Community]

February 8 2007

Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Boring time

Bare prairie in a cruel place

All the days we live

All the nights we sleep

The Man's manners still stun

Imagine whom they defy

They always despise our cry

It is a heavy burden

Always you make things intermingle

You can't tell

Between the fur and feather

I am neither a king nor an angel

Let me know,

When the fall's leaves wither!!

Once their false glory will die

Referee your mind's eye

Apart from, leave me away;

Not ready to freeze my deep sense

I have got to rule my life's reins

No one can take in my love's encryption

Love is boundless width and length

In the distance downward of my soul

I hold a great insurrection

But you wear the garment of suspicion

I do not care,

What the real end can terminate

Haply, if we dream of the sunbeam

Our earth becomes sullen

No smoke without flames burn

Nothing comes new

Or runs under the sun

Except the real dawn's dew

Without dun's compulsion

The betrayal stiletto

Stabbing the sense of fun

Seeing that the innocent smiles

With the wind gone

Above suspicion

Are we in need of a great revolution?