Be Ready To Be Astound [Archives:2000/35/Focus]

August 28 2000

Tihama Tractors & Engineering Co. Ltd. Computer & Peripherals Division in collaboration with its Principals Fujitsu Siemens concluded last week their Marketing Campaign that was launched on August 19. The Tihama company participated in the recent Computer & Telecommunication Exhibition as the first company to hold a FREE training course on Computer Science for more than 250 trainees who were carefully chosen from nearly 500 persons. It was the first initiative to hold a FREE training course on Computer Science by a leading company for more than 250 trainees.
On this occasion the Yemen Times met with Mr. Mohammed Amin Dirhem, General Manager of Tihama Group of Companies and Mr. Wadea A. Al-Medwahi, Marketing manager and filed the following:
Q: Mr. Dirhem, could you brief us on your company in general, and about your section at the IT exhibition concluded last week at the Shumaila Exhibition Center.
A: Tihama Tractors & Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in 1963 as a tractors company. Its founder, Mr, Amin Dirhem is one of the most outstanding businessmen in Yemen. Since 1963, it has witnessed rapid progress and development. Today it comprises many divisions for worldwide reputed trademarks and agencies. In addition, it is the sole agent for most of the German agencies in Yemen. For example, Lufthansa, Siemens, Deutze, etc. None can deny the role the Tihama company has played in building the infrastructure of Yemen since its commencement.
As far as the contribution of our division, Computer and Peripherals Department, is concerned, we displayed a variety of up-to-the-minute computers and related accessories.
Q: Your esteemed company is considered the first company to accomplish the first 7-day spectacular training course that hosted more than 250 trainees. How did the idea come about? What were the activities that were covered during the course ? How do you evaluate its success?
A: This idea stemmed from the need to create a qualified cadre and to familiarize people with new computer technologies. The idea was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the company board of directors as it aimed at developing the skills of our national cadre in the one of the most important sciences. It was also a good chance to introduce Fujitsu Siemens broad rang of products. So, we outlined a plan which was thoroughly studied before preparation for the exhibition.
Regarding the course activities, we tried our best to highlight contemporary major problems facing computer users and which can be classified in basic hardware and software maintenance. The course also included training on computer networks, Internet, Email and hardware.
As a matter of fact, all staff of the company contributed to the success of this event, specially our well-trained engineers who played the greatest role to make the course a success.
Q: How do you assess the future of the Internet in Yemen under the current expensive rates of the sole ISP, Y. net?
A: I think the explosive Internet growth creates unprecedented opportunities. You would be amazed, and even baffled when realizing how rapidly the Internet technology is growing. However, the modern applications and interactive services need more speed and bandwidth, which are two elements not available today. Smart users are turning to FSC for integrated Internet solutions spanning access, switching, Hi-Speed data transport and services. End to End solutions for new revenue streams. I believe we have a long way to go, but we will make it.
Q: Mr. Wadea, What is the impression students and observers had about the Seminar ?
A: At the end of the course participants expressed their thanks and gratitude for the company for the highly valued knowledge they received and the high technology they were acquainted with. We have received a lot of acknowledgments appreciating the course from different governmental and private companies who also congratulated us for the tremendous success of the event.
Q: Do you feel that this exhibition and course would expose quality of Fujitsu Siemens to the Yemeni Market?
A: Firstly I would like to draw your attention that Siemens Nixdorf computers was introduced in the Yemen market in 1995. Through the past five years The quality of Siemens Nixdorf computers has been unquestionable.
However in this marketing campaign we aimed at launching the new generation of Fujitsu Siemens computers comprising the Japanese and German technology and quality after the integration of Fujitsu and Siemens in October 1999.
Q: Now that you have succeeded in your campaign. What activities do you plan to have next ?
A: We have plans to release our society from the constraints of expensive computer prices through new sales strategies that will facilitate peoples access to computers.
Q: Any further comments?
A: I would like to stress that the course we have organized will not be the last one. It will rather be a beginning for a series of similar activities and initiatives.
I would like to thank those who directly or indirectly contributed to the success of the course, specially Sanaa International Exhibitions Center represented by Mr. Hussain Shumailah and the only sponsor of the course, the Yemen Times represented by Mr. Walid Al-Saqqaf, chief editor.